Recognize Rabies Disease

By : drh. Ignatius Guritno (Widyaiswara BBPP Kupang). Rabies or mad dog disease is an acute infection of the central nervous system (brain). This disease is a zoonotic disease transmitted by animals to humans Read more

Selection and Culling Chicken Broiler

By : Menix Etwan Manafe, S.Pt (Widyaiswara BBPP Kupang). Selection in broiler breeding business is defined to choose broiler livestock in accordance with the growth rate, then separated one with the other. Read more

How to Easily Detect Cattle Pregnant

Cattle breeding in Indonesia is dominated by household-scale businesses where livestock ownership is only 2 to 5. In breeding of cattle, the end result is calf weaning Read more

The Role of Artificial Insemination in Increasing Livestock Population

Livestock business is an important economic sector, both in temperate and tropical countries in the world. Experience shows that livestock production Read more